SaaS development

SaaS development

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Medical Information System that allows:

- To record medical history of the patient.

- Make an appointment with a doctor.

- Clinic CRM.

- Provide big data reports (for official statistics and for quick detection of potential public health threats).

- Synchronize with a government health care database.



Automation of electronic document circulation in government institutions.

- Documents - incoming, outgoing, service, organizational and administrative documents.
- Appeal of citizens, public queries.
- Matching (seeing) documents.
- Introduction to documents.
- Templates of documents.
- Resolutions (tasks) to the document.
- Work with tasks.
- History of the document (full life history of the document).
- Search for documents.
- Reporting and printed forms.
- Normative background information.

Military Resources Management System

Military Resources Management System

- Military ID (all information about the person, including full service history and skills).

- Information about location of each unit.

- Plan to transfer military recourses, depending on needs.

- Access to operations managers closed information (building plans from BTI bases, etc.).

- Implementation of the defense planning process in accordance with the Euro-Atlantic principles and approaches.

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